Sunday,, 07. 03. 2004

it's been a while since my last entry here, sorry not update soon. The exam sp is success, although i don't know my result. But ...i hope it's better than before XD

Tomorrow is my first day in semester 8. I can't wait  XD  A lot of young doctor said semester 8 is so fuun. Cause u will learn about surgery, anesthesia, obgyn, and many interesting things  in medical world. But of course.....u need more study than before.'s means i will rare use  internet,, i prefer study. Like u  see... i never update my blog everyday or every week like my blog friends, but i want to try it. I am  glad  i can get many friends, i can chatting, i can  talk about everything i like with this blog. It's so nice chat with u guys. 

So i will still update this blog even i am busy. I try to update every week if possible. But not promise....

Social blog will do later. 

                                                         have a nice day @ 09.00 pm






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Masami was born 12 october 1980 and happenly to be a girl. She loves her family so much and studied at medical faculty now. She likes manga and anime. Hopes be a good doctor and going to japan someday

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